May 2016

Monsters Inc Jumping castle

Active Play: A Lifeline For Today’s Mum

Clean the house. Dishes. Laundry. Make and pack lunches for the kids. Attend countless recitals and game practices. Attend meetings in school. Check homework every day. Typical day in the life of a busy mom.

All these routine activities and commitments can get quite overwhelming even for the wonder-woman in you. Carving out some leisure time for yourself and engaging in some active play is a definite way to refresh and rejuvenate after such hectic times. You are probably only too aware of the numerous benefits that some play time affords your kids, but do you know just how much it can do for you?

Great stress reliever

Losing yourself in play allows you to shift focus from all commitments to enjoying the experience of being free, mentally, if only for a short while. Play around for a bit and you will feel your body responding as the stress knots about you slowly disappear. Some play on a bouncing castle does the trick.

Play for stronger bonds

Playtime is a time of laughter and joy that would mean so little if not shared with others. You may find yourself making a new friend, by-passing all your usual “ice-breakers” to talk to the new mom in the team.

With all the time and effort spent on the kids, you may find that you have grown distant from your partner, which is quite unhealthy if left unchecked. This neglect can breed resentment and can harm your relationship. Taking time to enjoy a fun activity every so often can help you reconnect, heal any hurts, re-ignite the passion and provide an opportunity to reassure each other that you are still each other’s priority.

Playtime with your kids also helps in improving parent-child relationship and bond.

Improved Mental Health

Beyond physical relaxation, play helps you relax mentally and you can expect improved cognitive function with a relaxed mind. Your mind will be stimulated to more opportunities than you could possibly imagine with a stressed mind, your analytical skills will be off the charts, your memory will be great.

Forever young

When we stop playing, we invite old-age even before its time. Occasional play will definitely keep the doctor away as it boosts your natural immune system. In addition, you will find yourself rejuvenated and revitalised with new-found energy. You can expect to look healthier and younger for a long time if you incorporate some playtime into your schedule.

Increased productivity and better job satisfaction. All the fun and play in team building activities have been known to build towards these positive results. The same can be expected for mums who spend day and night taking care of everyone else’s needs, and often neglecting their own.

The next time you engage a bouncy castle hire company for your kids’ events, ensure that the bouncy castle hire agreement includes a unit for the adults. Jumping around in an inflated play item may not seem like much but the benefits are incredible and well worth the investment.

Every mum hopes and wishes to see their kids attend prom, go off to college, get married and start raising kids of their own. Don’t miss out on the chance to do all that. Take care of yourself first. Play hard. Laugh hard.