April 2016

Ahoy There Mates! a Pirates Birthday Party is Fun!

Ahoy There Mates! A Pirates Birthday Party is Fun! Most little boys go through a swashbuckler period when they love everything to do with pirates. With the popularity of the Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean movies, little boys and girls love to play pretend pirates. Decorating Ideas Gold, black and silver balloons will look great as will crepe paper in those colors as well. Hang pirate ship pictures and include some toy parrots for an authentic feel. Why not get a big, inflatable parrot to be the mascot. Have the kids dress up as pirates or provide them with hats, eye patches and vests. Don’t forget to include a sword for each. We have great foam pirate sword crafts so that each child can create their own unique sabers.

You may even want to supply some plastic hooks for kids to use as their arms just like Captain Hook. The invitation can be bought or created. You can make a treasure map of your house, keeping the clues simple and hide things for the children to find. This will be a great activity whether indoors or out. Tables can be decorated with gold confetti and gold coins. You can use treasure mat placemats. In the middle of the table, get a treasure chest and fill it with trinkets such as colorful beads, and colorful crinkled paper to give a really authentic look. Serve drinks out of bottles with Poison on them with XXX. Maybe have an inexpensive scope for each of the kids. You can have them walk the plank to a treasure chest piñata filled with lots of goodies. Play music that brings to mind the days of pirates, perhaps a soundtrack from a favorite pirate movie. Have the kids watch a movie such as Hook or Pirates of the Caribbean.

They will begin acting the part of the pirate as they watch their favorite characters onscreen. Have a pirate trivia contest where the kids can win some prizes. Food Suggestions Have children create their own pizzas using Boboli or English muffins. Give them plenty of toppings such as pepperoni, grated cheese, and crumbled sausage. Kids love burgers and hotdogs too, and of course a pirate themed cake and ice cream is always a welcome addition. Other Ideas Have a pirate parade in the backyard, take digital pictures and present each child with a picture before leaving. Get affordable picture frames and decorate them with pirate paraphernalia. There is no end to the fun that can be had at a pirate themed party. Not only will boys love it, but little girls too. Use imagination and creativity and come up with some great ideas the kids will enjoy. Get dressed as a pirate yourself, hire a jumping castle and join in the fun!